How Does Public Adjuster Works in Florida
16 Dec
  • By Christian Tang
  • / Tampa

A public adjuster acts as a representative for policyholders in dealing with the insurance claim process. Its objective is to navigate every stage of the claim process and as well as advocate for the best interest of the insured. The public adjuster will manage your insurance claim on your behalf, advice what is the next step to take, and assist you in filing a claim to your insurance company to attain the best possible outcome for you as the claimant. This means that you can focus on other, more important tasks and responsibilities instead of dealing with labor-intensive and stressful insurance negotiations in the days and weeks following your property damage.

There are many duties and responsibilities that a public adjuster does. Alconero and Associates Public Adjuster in Tampa specify how it works, and they are as follows:

– Determine the coverage of your property damage. Public adjuster access and examine your insurance policy in question to ascertain what compensation applies to your insurance claim.

– Inspect the property damage and make comprehensive monitoring. Public adjusters investigate, validate, and record the damages obtained in your property and any extra expenses.

– Strategize on the next course of action. With decades of experience in the insurance claim process, Alconero and Associates Public Adjuster in Tampa meticulously strategize actions by discussing the essential needs and goals for your fast recovery.

– Show supportive pieces of evidence. As public adjusters do the investigation, they will show evidence. These include records, documents, and substantiate your insurance claim as a representative of the policyholder.

– Estimate your insurance claim. Public adjusters also evaluate any property losses to the policyholder’s home, business, or any real estate and provide the monetary amount needed to cover all the damages.

– Negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf. As they negotiate with your insurance carrier on your behalf, they present the evidence that would support the maximization of your insurance claim settlement, as well as discuss the settlement payout amount.

– Give homeowners peace of mind. After experiencing property damages due to an unforeseen disaster, people tend to be traumatized and emotional, and this is the worst time for policyholders to start filling out insurance claims and loss forms. To avoid the hassle and potential mistakes, hiring a public adjuster is essential as they alleviate the stress of the situation. They can give you peace of mind during your trying times knowing that the insurance claim will be handled by a professional who will look out for your best interest.

– They can renegotiate with the insurance company and guide your next action. If a disparity is found in the insurance claim settlement, the public adjuster can renegotiate, reopen, or provide you guidance on the best next move to achieve a fair and favorable settlement for you as insured.

These calculated steps of public adjusters will ensure that you receive the maximum amount of claim settlement for your property damage so you could go back to your normal life as soon as possible.

How public adjusters paid?

 Bear in mind that a public adjuster is an insurance professional that has no affiliation or underlying responsibility to the insurance company. They only work solely on you as a policyholder, and therefore you pay for the services rendered by public adjusters. Most public adjusters are paid a percentage of the total final insurance settlement paid by the carrier. It will be communicated upfront and in detail in the form of a signed contract between the public adjuster and the policyholder.

Benefits of hiring a public adjuster

 It is essential to hire a public adjuster, especially if you are dealing with a claim of over 10,000 bucks or if you feel clueless about what is the coverage of your insurance policy regarding your claim. Hiring a public adjuster will make the insurance process smooth sailing and a lot less stressful for you as a policyholder.

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