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Florida Public Adjuster: Hurricane Damage, Theft / Vandalism, Water Damage, Fire Damage, Roof Leak Damage, Flood Damage, Mold Damage, Loss Of Business Income in Bonita Springs, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Lehigh Acres, Orlando, Tampa, Boca Grande, Punta Gorda.

Our Florida Public Adjusters company is all you need for your lost or damaged property claim. At Alconero and Associates you will find that ally that you need so much in difficult times. We offer advice and help from the beginning and throughout the insurance claim process. We’ll make sure the damage assessment is correct so you can get the best settlement. More than 15 years of experience as certified appraisers in the state of Florida make us your best option.

The most efficient professionals, the best service and the maximum result. At Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters we offer you the first free inspection on the same day. Florida’s best public adjuster is just a click away. Get the most out of your insurance claim with us!


Public Adjusters Florida FL Services in Bonita Springs, Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Lehigh Acres, Orlando, Tampa, Boca Grande, Punta Gorda – Alconero And Associates

Loss Of Business Income

When the normal income of your business is interrupted for a period of time, a claim can be filed to repair it.

Mold Damage

Mold can damage a building and the items inside it. Insurance claims aren’t always easy, but we can help.

Flood Damage

Flood damage can be as or more damaging than fire damage, but it is not always covered by insurance policies.

Roof Leak

In Florida’s heavy rains, a roof leak can wreak havoc if you don’t have the right protection from an insurer.

Fire Damage

Getting up after a fire can be expensive, but with a good compensation from the insurer the task becomes easier.

Water Damage

Water can be just as damaging to a property as fire, and is even more common. Count on the protection your home needs.


In adverse contexts of economic crisis, property theft and vandalism increase and it is necessary to be prevented.

Hurricane Damage

In our beautiful area of Florida, hurricanes and tropical storms cause extensive damage that is often covered by insurance policies.

120 m

Amount Awarded For Clients

98 %

Cases Won In Court For Clients

96 %

Cases Submitted To Insurance

100 %

The Insured Did Not Seek Legal Advice

[Since 2001]


The best advice for your insurance claim, with the guarantee of maximum compensation for loss or damage to your property. Cases of fire, flood, hurricane, roof leak, mold, theft or vandalism, loss of income and more. No matter how complex the case, our specialists are at your disposal to achieve the maximum recovery.

What is a Public Adjuster in Florida?

The task of the public adjuster in Florida is to advise and represent the affected persons in the claims against the insurance company. They are responsible for assessing the damage, verifying the validity of the claim and submitting the necessary documents. In addition, they are in charge of negotiating against the insurance to obtain the best possible agreement. It is about the defense of the insured against the insurance company, so that the case has a correct presentation and an adequate compensation is obtained.

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    What Our Clients Are Saying

    These are just some of the testimonials from our clients. Everyone is extremely satisfied with the deal we got!

    • Client Image

      The settlement you got for my dwelling and personal property was much more than I ever expected to receive. My insurance company’s information in the first place was really miles away from what it turned out to be. It was an amazing great job done in our favor since the very first day we met. Thanks!

      • Elsie Spear
    • Client Image

      I used Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters because I didn’t have the time or desire to deal with insurance claims. They took over completely and handled everything for me. The final settlement was extremely fair and I couldn’t be happier.

      • Nikolas Brooten
    • Client Image

      When our house caught fire we were absolutely devastated. You know you need to claim your insurance for the damages to start all over again and this is kind of adding insult to injury. I am so grateful that I have met the wonderful team at Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters who have patiently worked my case and exceeded my expectations. The insurance company was treating us like low class citizens, and in my opinion trying to cheat us. Raul and his team was able to assist and it has been an excellent experience. I will recommend Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters with flying colors.

      • Barclay Widerski
    • Client Image

      You are such a wonderful and caring group of people. Thank you for handling all the details that helped to move our settlement along expeditiously. My fire claim was expedited and settled much faster than my neighbors’ claims, and my settlement was far more generous.

      • Coriss Ambady
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