How long does an insurance claim take to prosper?
17 Aug

To meet the costs of an incident, many people choose to purchase insurance against various risks. Thus, in the event of an eventuality, they can dispose of the money that the policy gives them. But, many times, the problem is that collecting the insurance can take longer than initially believed. In many cases, companies adopt attitudes to delay or hinder the claim process. It often happens that many clients prefer to get a quick treatment, even at the cost of giving up part of the money that corresponds to them for the incident. In this post we are going to explain how long an insurance claim takes and what factors it depends on.

Many inconveniences or delays can arise during the insurance claim process. Some factors correspond to the insured and others to the company. For example, a case may be delayed due to poor presentation of documentation, or due to a rejection by the company for considering that the amount is not correct. Apart from this, there are differences in the collection times that are specific to the case. Depending on the type of policy, the company and the kind of accident that has been reported, the deadlines may vary. And finally, we must also consider the current legislation. In the state of Florida there may be certain regulations that do not apply in other states, or vice versa.

Step by step to expedite an insurance claim

It is very common for claim delays to be due to simple mistakes or late filing. Therefore, people who take out insurance must be aware of the steps to follow in the event of an incident. In many cases, this implies knowing how insurers work and the requirements they impose. This is not always available to the public, since the companies in many cases deliberately hinder the procedures. Therefore, a good idea to start a claim is to seek the right advice through a public adjuster. Alconero & Associates is the best option to manage your insurance claim with the best professionals.

Once the public adjuster has been contacted, the first step in expediting the claim is to notify the insurance company as soon as possible. The time it takes to make an insurance claim will be reduced if you notify the insurer early. At that time, the claim is initiated and the company begins its internal process. Depending on the coverage of the policy and the type of accident, some type of documentation may be required to support the claim.

The type of documentation will depend on the particular case. As an example, if it is a personal injury claim, you will need to submit medical certificates attesting to those injuries. This also includes the cost of care received: hospitalizations, treatments, medications, interventions, etc. On the other hand, if the claim refers to property damage, the documentation must represent the estimated cost of the repair, carried out by a contractor. In addition, some supporting document of the cause of the incident will be required, such as the police report for cases of theft or vandalism.

Claims are generally accepted within 7 days of the incident. If the deadline is not met, the delay must be justified. The sooner you file, the faster you can get a response from the insurance company. However, from this moment on there are other factors that can delay the result.

The characteristics of the case and how long an insurance claim takes

Depending on the characteristics of the incident, it is possible to get an idea of ​​how long an insurance claim takes. In personal injury cases, it is normal for these to be resolved quickly if they are minor blows. The parties usually reach an agreement more expeditiously. On the other hand, when the injuries are serious, the process can take longer than necessary. It is common for the victim to request an amount to cover future medical expenses, for example in the event of an injury with permanent consequences. So the insurance company will want to verify that the injuries do indeed have those characteristics, and this may take some time.

Additionally, responsibility for the incident is also a determining factor. In many cases, insurance policies have clauses that specify the degree of responsibility that the insured has to avoid accidents. In case you do not comply with this requirement, the company may refuse to pay. Therefore, culpability in an incident must be investigated to resolve the case.

Finally, there is a period of time during which the negotiation between the insured and the company takes place. When determining how long an insurance claim takes, much of that time is spent mediating between the parties. This can take more or less, depending on how opposed the positions are. Generally, the insured claims an amount greater than that offered by the company. In many cases, he can accept a smaller sum in order to settle the claim quickly, and insurance companies take advantage of this issue. For this reason, the advice of professionals is imposed as a point in favor of the insured, to guarantee fair treatment.

Professionals can expedite your insurance claim

In order to maximize their profit, insurance companies often adopt attitudes that go against professional ethics. They may try to deny payments or stretch the terms in order to reach an agreement in which they pay less in compensation. In these cases, having a public adjuster in Florida with the experience and quality of Alconero & Associates can help resolve the claim favorably. The best professionals will be in charge of evaluating the case to choose the best strategy to follow. They will be present at all stages of the claim, defending your interests against the insurance company to achieve the best possible deal in the shortest time.

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