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26 Jul

In the state of Florida, one of the leading causes of insurance claims is related to water leaks. It is a very common problem, especially in those houses that are already several years old and may begin to present problems. Despite being very frequent, these claims do not always reach a good result. Therefore, it is very useful to discuss how to make a successful water leak insurance claim, so that you can follow the advice in case you go through a similar situation.

The vast majority of insurance claims are well justified. It is a fact that the insurance should cover damages due to water leaks, in case the policy so indicates. However, it often happens that the insurance company finds a way to not pay for a service that it should. Whether it’s a water leak claim or any other type of claim, many insurance companies adopt strategies to abusively lower compensation costs.

Tips on how to make a successful water leak insurance claim

It is known that the problem of water leaks can have disastrous consequences on a property. From superficial details such as dirt on the floors and walls, to much more worrying ones such as those that can be caused in the foundations of the home. It is common for furniture or appliances to be ruined, there is even a danger that an electrical fault could start a fire. In addition, a danger that is often not taken into account is that the presence of moisture can lead to the formation of mold. This can represent a health risk, since when inhaled it can cause respiratory problems.

One ​​of the main problems with water leaks is their identification. Sometimes it can take a long time before we realize that there is a leak. This can come from the house’s water supply, or from electrical appliances such as dishwashers or air conditioners. When the leak is small but constant, it can have a more detrimental effect on making a successful water leak insurance claim, as the leak is likely to go unnoticed for a long time.

When this happens, insurance companies can use this to their advantage and refuse to pay compensation. The explanation is that, as the leak is very old, it is considered as a pre-existing damage that is not covered by the policy. They may also argue that the user had more than enough time to repair the leak, and that much of the damage could have been prevented. In short, they will try to blame you for not being able to solve the problem in time.

All of this can lead to the claim being denied, or accepted but for much less than the amount needed for repairs. The latter is extremely important, which is why the insurance company invests a lot of resources in generating its own estimate of the costs of the incident. All in all, if you’re wondering how to make a successful water leak insurance claim, the most helpful tips can be summed up like this: First, make sure you really know what coverage your policy offers. Second, act fast and don’t let the damage get out of hand. And finally, the most important thing: contact a trusted Florida Public Adjuster like Alconero & Associates to receive the best advice when making your claim.

The role of the public adjuster in making a successful water leak insurance claim

You may be wondering why a public adjuster is the solution to a successful claim outcome. The answers are many, but basically, the differential that a public adjuster can add is their knowledge and experience in similar cases. Insurance companies are used to dealing with these types of cases, but you are not. That puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to dealing with insurance. The public adjuster will position himself on your side, defending your interests and matching force with the insurer.

Perhaps the most relevant question about making a successful water leak insurance claim is assessing the damage. As we have seen, you cannot trust the insurer to make a proper calculation, since it has an interest in deliberately lowering it. For this reason, having the help of Alconero & Associates can make a difference. Along with the best professionals and specialists, the evaluation of the damages that we carry out will contemplate all the damages that could occur. Even those that are not visible to the naked eye, but that experience tells us are likely to appear.