Should I hire a public adjuster for fire damage in Florida?
15 Sep

In the state of Florida, fires are one of the leading causes of insurance claims. A fire can cause all kinds of damage to a home, from the loss of valuable objects to structural damage to the house. For this reason, many families choose to take out insurance to be protected against this type of eventuality. However, there are many doubts when it comes time to deal with a situation of this kind. A very common one is if I should hire a public adjuster for fire damage. In this article we will answer this and other common questions.

Causes of fires and how to prevent them

Home fires are very common, but there are some tips that can help you avoid or at least reduce the risk of them happening. Prevention is a fundamental tool in many cases, so you don’t have to wait for a tragedy to happen to act. Adopting all security measures can make an important difference in any eventuality. In the event that it happens, it is important to note that the risk to the health of the people in the house is paramount, while any material damage must take a backseat.

The first thing we can do to prevent fires is to have the necessary safety elements. These include smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. In both cases, it is important not only to install them correctly, but also to carry out the corresponding maintenance. Smoke detectors should be tested periodically to make sure they are working properly. Fire extinguishers, on the other hand, can be very useful when the flames are starting, to quickly control the fire. It is convenient to place them in accessible places in the house, so as not to waste time in an emergency. These prevention items should be addressed before asking yourself if I should hire a public fire damage adjuster.

The most frequent place where fires start is the kitchen, so safety measures must be especially important in this sector of the home. When performing tasks in the kitchen, try to pay maximum attention and not be distracted by other activities to minimize risk. Many fires are caused by human errors or distractions during food preparation. Also, cleaning ovens and stoves well so that no food remains can prevent a fire from starting later.

Finally, another thing to keep in mind is that many fires have an electrical origin. A malfunction or malfunction of an appliance, or a fault in the electrical installation, may be enough to start the flames. Remember to clean the filters of the air conditioning and the dryer to reduce the risk with these equipment. You must also perform maintenance on heating equipment. In case they are portable, remember to place them away from any material that could be dangerous. Despite all these tips, there is always a risk margin for a fire to occur. In this eventuality, the question of whether I should hire a public fire damage adjuster is of the utmost importance.

Reasons I should hire a public fire damage adjuster

Insurance companies have a clear objective: to obtain the best profitability. After all, it is still a business. That is why, to maximize their profit, they will seek to minimize their costs, including paying for claims. Therefore, they will invest a large number of personnel to try to reduce the amounts of the payments, or even deny them completely through technical issues in the policies. Not all companies have unfair behavior, but it usually happens in many of them. That is why professional advice and help are essential during the claim process. In Alconero & Associates we have the experience and solidity to carry out your case and make an insurance claim.

Among the many reasons I should hire a public fire damage adjuster, the first is policy interpretation. People hire insurance to feel protected against certain unwanted events. However, it is very common that not all the details that are included in the contract are taken into account. The technical language and the large number of clauses that are included in a policy can be very confusing. In that sense, a public adjuster who has the knowledge and the experience of similar cases, you can read the policy and recognize the dark points of the coverage. Thus, you will be able to determine which expenses are covered by the company and which are not.

Second is possibly the main reason for having a public adjuster: damage assessment. This process will also be carried out by the company, but there will surely be many differences. This is because the insurer will try to reduce the amounts or ignore certain aspects, while the public adjuster will try to defend your interests at all times. Flame damage should be included in the assessment, even if it is not visible to the naked eye. If you do not have the experience of similar cases, it is very difficult to carry out a correct evaluation, which includes all the expenses.

I should hire a public adjuster for fire damage, but when?

In an event such as a fire, the logical reaction is to immediately call the fire department. But once the flames are under control, the urge to call the insurance company can wait a while. In those cases, I must hire a public fire damage adjuster in Florida, even before giving notice to the insurer. It is important to recognize that a professional public adjuster like Alconero & Associates will be able to do their job better if they have the advantage of information and time. In this way, you will start the insurance claim process with all the advice you need and you will be able to obtain the best compensation in the shortest possible time.