Water Damage: What Does Mold Need to Grow?
11 Aug

Mold and other fungal problems are very common, especially in the state of Florida. From annoying dirt that is difficult to clean, to health problems, mold can cause many inconveniences in people’s lives. That is why many families choose to take out insurance to prevent this type of eventuality, although this does not guarantee that there will be no problems. It is common for people to not know exactly what mold is and what it needs to grow inside their homes. All the answers can be found in this guide.

The problem of mold in homes

To summarize in a few words, mold is a type of microscopic fungus that lives on organic matter and is carried by spores that float through the air. In a natural environment, they play a fundamental role in helping the decomposition of organisms and the recovery of nutrients. Reproduction by spores moving through the air allows it to cover great distances. Therefore, it is common to find it practically anywhere. It can also be transported by water or use an insect as a vehicle, in order to form new colonies.

The problem begins when this invader enters the home and begins to develop its colony growth. Being installed on ceilings, walls or floors of the house, mold can cause several problems. First of all, in its multiplication it begins to dirty everything that is nearby. This includes both the structure of the house such as furniture, carpets, curtains or anything else. But in addition, it can affect the integrity of the structure, since it ruins materials that have organic components, such as wood or plaster.

However, the most frequent problem that affects the majority of people who have mold in their homes is health. The presence of mold, and what mold needs to grow, can cause some mild and some very severe conditions. The fungal particles are inhaled and affect the respiratory tract of people. They can also cause irritation to the eyes and throat. The symptoms that can be generated are similar to those of an allergy, so in many cases it is difficult to distinguish them. When mold is removed, dead particles can also cause breathing difficulties, so it’s a good idea to get it done properly by professionals.

Among the most affected by the presence of mold are children. Early exposure to mold particles can lead to respiratory problems such as asthma. Also, anyone with a history of breathing difficulties or a depressed immune system will be more susceptible to this problem. That is why it is important to take the necessary measures to eliminate mold or prevent its appearance.

What mold needs to grow and get out of control

Understanding the conditions that make mold possible can be essential to prevent or eliminate it. The critical ingredient in the equation is moisture. In moist environments, mold can develop more quickly and grow out of control. In addition, the spores prefer to settle on organic matter that serves as a substrate, especially cellulose. It can also feed on adhesives, drywall, wood, or even paint, fabric, or carpet to survive. It should be noted that even when the moisture problem has been fixed, mold can continue to survive on its own, so it is essential to eliminate it completely.

To start the problem, then, you need moisture: that’s what mold needs to grow. Inside a, the main reason for the presence of moisture is a water leak. This can be due to a broken pipe, a malfunction of the air conditioning or a leak in the washing machine, among other problems. It usually happens that these leaks are covered by the insurance policies that are contracted in the houses. However, even when the leak has been fixed, the mold problem may persist. In many cases, the insurance company will close the claim once the water leak is fixed, while the mold invasion remains. Therefore, when making an insurance claim, it can be decisive to have the advice of a trained public adjuster, such as Alconero & Associates. Thus, your compensation will include each and every one of the expenses, including mold removal.

It is also likely that the font of hume due to climatic issues. A severe storm causing roof leaks or a flood can be enough to get moisture inside the home and create conditions for mold growth. Even before it is noticed, the mold problem may already be present. Spore growth to reproduction can take a few days, and that’s enough for the problem to spread throughout the house. Even if the main colony is killed, the spores may still be floating around the house.

How to prevent the conditions mold needs to grow

Removing the problem completely is a job for experts. Mold removal companies have special equipment and products for these tasks. In addition to this, it is necessary to solve the humidity problem so that the mold does not appear again. This implies, in many cases, carrying out repairs or remodeling in the structure of the house. Both mold removal and damp fixes cost quite a bit of money.

As we mentioned, insurance companies offer coverage for these problems, and many families choose to hire them. Unfortunately, when making a claim, not all insurers behave honestly. At that time, the advice of a public adjuster in Florida with the experience of Alconero & Associates becomes invaluable. This way you can make a complete claim, including all repair costs, in a timely manner. Your compensation will be more fair according to the damages, including the conditions that mold needs to grow.