What Does a Public Adjuster Do in Florida Vandalism and Theft Cases?
23 Sep

In Florida, unfortunately, there are often cases of theft and vandalism that represent a serious problem for any inhabitant. A situation like this is violent and can generate a feeling of lack of security in the home. In order to protect themselves, many citizens decide to take out insurance for their homes to cover them in these cases. Despite this, insurance companies often do not respond as they should and the claim can become more contentious. That’s where a public adjuster can make a difference. To find out what a public adjuster does in cases of vandalism and theft, we have prepared this guide that we offer on our blog.

What does a public adjuster do in cases of vandalism and theft

In cases of property theft or vandalism, people expect insurance to respond by covering all the damage and costs that are generated. Unfortunately, in many cases this does not happen automatically. Insurance companies aim to obtain the highest possible profitability. In the process, they often try to minimize operating costs by reducing or denying customer claims. Indemnities are a cost for the company that it will try to avoid at all costs. Therefore, a public adjuster can be of vital importance to give a good end to the claim process. Knowledge of the laws and regulations is key to being able to make a justified claim and lead the negotiation towards a satisfactory result for the victim of the act.

There are many factors that can make insurance claims complex. In many cases, an incomplete submission or one that does not meet all the requirements can lead to rejection by the company. In others, it will be the reason that the amount of compensation is less than what it really deserves. Within the costs, not only material values ​​should be considered, but also the psychological damage that suffering this fact in the home can represent. It is even possible that health problems such as anxiety, lack of sleep or panic attacks can be generated. All this must be taken into account in the claim.

The damage generated in a situation of theft or vandalism can be very varied. Among the most common is the theft of valuables. Cash, gold, silver, or precious stones, appliances, and valuable equipment may be accounted for. In the process, some doors or windows may also be broken, as well as other objects inside the home. When it comes to vandalism, breakage is not the only problem that can happen. Also, in many cases, it can cause dirt in different parts. A very common occurrence is spray paint on the walls, which is difficult to remove or cover up. Knowing what a public adjuster does in cases of vandalism and theft can help to contemplate the total expenses that are generated in these events.

The public adjuster in Florida will be on the victim’s side at all times, defending her interests against the insurer. A good tip is to call him from the moment you discover the fact, so that he is present during the entire process. This will help you calculate exactly the amount of expenses that must be met. In addition, it will be able to help you correctly interpret the insurance policy in order to determine what events are covered. A correct interpretation of the clauses and a complete evaluation of the expenses are essential to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Tips: What does a public adjuster do in cases of vandalism and theft

In addition to the above, a public adjuster may be useful to present insurance. Not only is it enough to understand the coverage and assess the damages, it is also necessary to be able to present the documentation correctly and completely. If you have questions about what a public adjuster does in Florida vandalism and theft cases, consider Alconero & Associates we have vast experience in similar cases. This will allow us to advise you to make the insurance claim correctly and obtain the highest compensation in the shortest time.