Public Adjuster helping a woman asses their insurance claims
09 Mar

What does a public adjuster do? Isn’t this just another expense and source of stress that I’ll have to deal with in addition to the disaster that I’m dealing with? Most of us are asking the same question regarding this matter. However, a public adjuster will do otherwise. This article aims to discuss the benefits of hiring a public adjuster.

A Public Adjuster saves you time

As we all say, “Time is Gold”. In periods where you are experiencing so much, in this case, in the event of a disaster, there will really be a lot on your hands. During this event, you might be asking, “What does a public adjuster do that will save me time?” and “How much time can a public adjuster save me?” Well, quite frankly, a lot. Look at it this way: Insurance agencies have insurance policies that have their own set of systems and jargon, and they are more complex than we actually know. Not following a particular step might make us unqualified for a particular claim. A good example of this scenario is that in the event of a disaster, most insurance agencies require the insurance policyholder to mitigate further damage to the property because their insurance only covers accidental damage. These are things your public adjuster can do for you. A public adjuster can do all the mitigation and documentation that are required for you to have a successful insurance policy claim. Take note of that. Not because we have an insurance policy, we will be insured and have our property restored. Only by carefully following the steps needed will we be assured of a successful claim. Someone, like a public adjuster, has the expertise and the knowledge to handle this efficiently for you, giving you more time to focus on the things that really matter.

A Public Adjuster alleviates your stress

Are you feeling stressed after an event like a disaster? Well, honestly, we can not blame you. You’ve just discovered that either your car property or a loved one is in a less desirable state. During this period, it is really natural to feel stressed. According to one definition, “stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. ” Arguably, no one can feel more frustrated or angry than a person that has to do a lot of things at once after a disaster. Even though stress is really an inevitable visitor during this time, a public adjuster is a visitor you’ll want to invite. What a public adjuster can do for you during this time is offer you complete and transparent information about your insurance status and coverage. An expert public adjuster will not only represent you in the insurance claim but will also serve as your advisor. Expert public adjusters will be providing you with expert advice based on their previous successes from their insurance claim experiences. Advice from an expert public adjuster will relieve stress because they will serve as your guide and will keep you from falling into a potential pitfall created due to a lack of knowledge or experience in a certain field, in this case, the insurance system.

A public adjuster will make sure you’ll have a fair settlement

When talking about a fair settlement, it is natural for us to think that I can do it myself, or that I just have to read every part of the policy. While this can be true for some, it isn’t the case for most people. You must first realize that when you buy an insurance policy, you are technically betting that something bad is going to happen to you and your property, while the insurance agency bets otherwise. So it is only natural for us to think that, in the event of a disaster, the insurance agency lost and you won. Even though not all insurance companies will take advantage of you by closing the settlement as quickly as possible or allowing you to claim lower insurance claims than you are actually entitled to, this is normal, but what a public adjuster can do for you is to make sure you have a fair settlement. A public adjuster is equipped with the system that your insurance company has, and public adjusters have a team of professionals, estimators, and public adjusters working for your benefit and with your best interests in mind. This will assure us that at every step of the way, they will ensure you get your fair settlement.

Though none of us is looking forward to a disaster, it’s better to prepare than to repair wrong decisions during this period. And as the article shares, it really makes a difference to have a public adjuster

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