Who pays a Public Adjuster in Florida
04 Aug

Insuring a property is a way to gain some peace of mind about the future. We know that we are covered against certain eventualities, and that allows us to live more confidently. However, one thing is what it should be in theory, and another is what actually happens. In many cases, insurance companies do not behave the way they should and deliberately hinder the claim. In this way, they seek to save a few dollars in compensation, denying or minimizing payments. In these cases, having an insurance adjuster can be an invaluable help in making a successful claim. If you’re wondering who pays a public adjuster, we need to clarify a few other questions first.

The state of Florida is often the scene of some weather accidents that cause damage. Hurricanes or tropical storms are frequent. Even simple rain or high humidity levels can be enough to damage a property. In addition, there are other unpredictable events that can be detrimental to home security, such as a fire or theft. Other issues that seem less serious, such as water leaks, can also be a headache if they are not fixed in time. All these issues may be included in the insurance policy but, however, this does not mean that the collection of the claim is easy.

What is the role of the public adjuster

A public adjuster performs several functions within the claims process. A common mistake is to confuse the public adjuster with the company adjuster or even an independent adjuster. The main distinction is that the public adjuster is really the one who can defend the interests of the insured. Both the company and the independent are contracted by the insurance company. Therefore, your objective will be to reduce the cost of claims as much as possible, in order to maintain the company’s profit margins. That is why they cannot be blindly trusted, while the public adjuster only answers to the one who hires him: you.

One ​​of the first functions in which the public adjuster can collaborate is identifying the coverage points of the insurance policy. You may think that you don’t need help with this, but it often happens that this task is more difficult than it seems. The main reason is the large number of technicalities that a policy has and the complexity of the clauses that are included. The legal language of the document can be very confusing for those who are not used to dealing with it. Therefore, who pays a public adjuster can be sure that he really understands all the details of the policy. In Alconero & Associates we have enough experience in similar cases to understand how far your coverage goes.

From there, the hardest and perhaps the most important work begins. This is the evaluation of the damage caused to the property. At this point it is convenient to pay special attention, since it will be decisive to know the amount that you will receive in your compensation. As has become clear, insurance adjusters may try to deny certain payments or minimize the amounts needed to cover some expenses. Instead, the public adjuster you trust can take a full, detailed inventory. Not only must each of the damages to be repaired be properly assessed, but also non-visible damage must be taken into account. Even you, as a homeowner, can miss certain problems that are not identifiable with the naked eye. Experienced adjusters can provide you with this valuable information.

Finally, the more bureaucratic issues of the claim will also be in the hands of the public adjuster. This implies gathering the documentation and making the presentation to the insurance in a timely manner. Not only will you save yourself the hassle of doing it yourself, but you’ll ensure there are no mistakes or overtime. This is essential to have a successful negotiation, since many times a simple mistake in the presentation can cause the refusal on the part of the company.

Who pays a public adjuster: when to hire them

As a general tip, anyone in an insurance claim situation can benefit from having a Florida Public Adjuster. Although not required in the state of Florida, retaining the services of an adjuster can make a significant difference in the outcome of your claim. Despite it is the client who pays a public adjuster, many times the service is invaluable. Not only because of the amount of compensation, but because many times, the complete denial of payment can be due to lack of experience and advice.

Depending on the good or bad will of the insurance company doesn’t sound very reasonable. Therefore, it is better to be prepared with a trusted insurance adjuster like Alconero & Associates. The years in the market and the references of our clients endorse us as the best public adjusters in Florida. Even in cases where the insurer acts correctly, it is possible that they are overlooking some expense. We will be able to identify you so that you receive the compensation you deserve.

The truth about who pays a public adjuster

With all this, we can conclude that the public adjuster is a service that generates its own value. Although the client pays a public adjuster, the money ultimately comes from the insurance claim. The adjuster will be in charge of getting the company to pay in a timely manner, and that other additional expenses are not being left aside. With a better deal from the company, the money needed to pay for the public adjuster’s service will end up coming from the compensation itself. In addition, you will have a superior compensation, which will allow you to cover all the expenses of the arrangements and the service of the public adjuster without problems.