Faced with theft and vandalism in Florida, you may feel vulnerable in your own home. In response to this, insurance can give you the confidence that if something happens, it will respond to help you. However, sometimes insurance companies do not behave as they should. It would be expected that the insurer responds quickly and you receive reimbursements to cover the expenses that are generated. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work that easily.

What does a Florida Theft and Vandal Public Adjuster do

Insurance companies seek to obtain the best possible profitability, and for this they will try to reduce their costs. This means paying your injured customers less, even when that’s the right thing to do. Therefore, having the advice of a serious, professional and experienced audience, such as Alconero & Associates, can be of great help in your Florida theft and vandalism claim.

A public adjuster will be your main ally in the claim process. You will be there from the start to make sure that the presentation is correct, that the amount of the expenses is correct and that your insurance policy covers the damages. He will be in charge of your representation before the insurance company, to defend your interests and obtain the best possible deal.

How to make a Theft and Vandalism claim

Filing a theft and vandalism claim in Florida is not as easy as it should be, and this can cause it to be denied or not cover the actual costs. It is necessary to consider not only the material costs that are generated, but also the emotional damage of feeling unsafe in your own home. This can lead to health problems such as insomnia, anxiety or panic attacks. It is a violation of privacy and the safe space that the home represents.

There are several common property damage from theft and vandalism in Florida. It can be minor things like broken windows or objects thrown against walls that can create dirt. It also often happens that someone makes a graffiti on a wall or structure of the house. But it can also happen that it is something more serious, such as the theft of electronic devices, jewelry and family heirlooms. This implies that someone has entered your home, and makes the crime more serious.

When you experience any of these violations in your home, it’s normal to want to call insurance immediately. This may sound like a good idea, but also consider contacting a reputable public adjuster to make your claim as complete as possible. Filing a claim is not as easy as it seems, especially in cases of theft and vandalism in Florida, where they do not always end with a good result. Therefore, having good advice can make the difference between a successful claim and one that does not come to fruition.

What to do if my insurance won’t pay

There are several reasons why an insurance company may refuse to pay for theft and vandalism in Florida. One of the most important issues to consider is the coverage of the policy. It is possible that the insurance will refuse to pay because it considers that the damage caused is not covered by the type of insurance that you have contracted. Therefore, a first step is to ensure the relevance of the claim by reading the policy in detail.

It is also possible that the company refuses to pay even when it should. This happens all too often as insurers seek to maintain their profit margins by lowering costs. To do this, they may look for various strategies, technicalities or hidden clauses in the contract.

Finally, it may happen that the company does offer to pay, but the amount is considerably less than necessary to cover all expenses. This often happens because the company’s assessment of theft and vandal damage in Florida is tailored to its own interests and not those of its clients.

In either case, the insurance company is taking advantage of its dominant position. The best thing you can do is contact a professional and experienced public adjuster, such as Alconero & Associates.

Hire an Adjuster Public for Theft and Vandalism in Florida

By hiring a serious and responsible public adjuster, you ensure that you are well represented before the insurance company. When making a claim for theft and vandalism in Florida, an ordinary citizen is at a disadvantage compared to insurance employees. They have a lot of experience and knowledge of these situations, while in your case it is probably the first time it has happened.

The public adjuster will side with you to even out the positions on the claim. It will be present from the beginning, to help and advise. The first thing a public adjuster can do is to review your insurance policy in detail to ensure coverage and advise on how to proceed with the claim. This may seem simple, but policies are often full of technical terms, specific jargon and endless clauses, which complicate understanding.

The public adjuster will then also conduct a Florida theft and vandalism damage assessment that truly matches the facts. While the company seeks to minimize these costs, the adjuster that works for you will give you all the advice so that you do not overlook any element that could be considered damage in that unfortunate event.

Finally, a public adjuster with the experience and professionalism of Alconero & Associates will help you file your claim in a timely manner. In this way, you ensure that you do not make a mistake when gathering the documentation for your Florida theft and vandalism case. With a public adjuster on your side, representing your interests, you’ll get the best possible deal from the insurer and collect your reimbursement in the shortest amount of time.