Alconero and Associates - Tips for filing a roof damage insurance claim
10 Sep

When it comes to protecting your home and loved ones from the elements, your roof is your main line of defense. Wind is probably your roof’s biggest enemy, but there’s also electric fires, falling limbs, heavy snowfall, moisture intrusions, and damage caused by pests that live in your attic.

As a homeowner, you likely have homeowner’s insurance. If you’re not sure if you’re covered, it’s best to discuss your homeowner’s insurance policy with a public adjuster, because they have your best interest in mind to maximize any roof damage insurance claims. When it comes to insuring you, insurance companies are very strict and, at the same time, keep their risk low. Your roof is regarded by insurance companies as one of the most critical components of an insurable property.

However, homeowners may feel overwhelmed when the inevitable happens and it’s time to file a roof damage claim. You have the additional burden of filing an insurance claim on top of scheduling roof repair or replacement work. You should partner with a public adjuster who is trustworthy and professional if you want your roof damage insurance claim to go smoothly. A public adjuster with experience can help you file your insurance claim and fix your roof with the least amount of hassle.

One of the first things you should do after a storm is to look for damage. For everyone’s safety and to avoid more problems such as water damage or even mold damage, immediately check for roof damage after a storm hits your property. From the ground, examine your roof visually. Make sure there are no loose or missing shingles, signs of water damage, or anything else that seems off. A problem might be hidden to an untrained eye even if it isn’t immediately apparent. Talk to an experienced public adjuster for advice on further steps to take if you suspect a roof damage.

Take a photo and record the roof damage. In the event that your roof is damaged, take photographs and measurement data. If your public adjuster is able to aid in this inspection and review of the insurance policy, the process will be much easier. In the event of roof damage, having before pictures handy is helpful for filing roof damage insurance claims.

Immediately talk to an experienced public adjuster. Before choosing a public adjuster to handle your insurance claim, make sure you do plenty of research. Make sure you choose an experienced public adjuster by asking any type of questions that pop-ups in your head. Make a list before talking to the public adjuster. An experienced public adjuster will help you maximize your insurance claim and give you a trouble free experience in dealing with the massive amount of paperwork.

Don’t forget to take notes and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Note the appointment time and date, the public adjuster’s name, and the claim number while the public adjuster is with you. In this way, you and your insurance company can communicate details of your claim more conveniently and more quickly. You should also feel free to ask a few questions, such as:

Is there a deadline for filing a claim?

Is the claim going to take a long time to process?

Will my insurance cover the damage described in this claim?

Is it necessary to have an estimate for repairs?

Learn what your policy covers. Make sure you know which types of roof damage your insurance covers by talking to a public adjuster. There are several factors that can affect your coverage, including the age of your roof and the depreciated value. You may be able to claim partial coverage if your roof is older than 10 years. Consult your public adjuster if you discover your insurance company will only partially cover the damage.

Make sure you understand every aspect of the work. If there is a need for roof work, the public adjuster will inspect your property, and the insurance company will approve whatever work it needs. Meanwhile, your public adjuster will work closely with the insurance company to ensure that everyone understands exactly what work will be required.

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