Alconero and Associates - Tips for filing a roof damage insurance claim
10 Sep

When it comes to protecting your home and loved ones from the elements, your roof is your main line of defense. Wind is probably your roof's biggest enemy, but there's also electric fires, falling limbs, heavy snowfall, moisture intrusions, and damage caused by pests that live in your…

Alconero & Associates - How dangerous is mold damage in your home?
30 Aug

Mold is the fuzzy growth on food that has not been eaten in a timely fashion or the dark grime on the grout in shower corners. Sure, you throw out spoiled food, and you clean your bathroom regularly. What about the mold growing where you can't see it?  …

Alconero and Associates - What happens if water damage goes untreated
25 Aug

In recent years, water damage has become one of the leading causes of property insurance claims. When water damage goes unnoticed, it can easily cause extensive damage to your property. If you do not treat water damage quickly, your home or business may suffer long-term damage. A small…

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