Roof Leak Damage in Florida
03 Mar

Roof leak damage in Cape Coral can cause enormous problems to any real estate or property. The National Association of Home Builders highly suggests that a roof should be investigated once every three years, albeit a roof will last for decades when properly constructed.  If it is shaky, long-term damage from roof leak damage might go unnoticed, which leads to roof deterioration.

It is vital to repair roof leak damage as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Alconero and Associates Public Adjuster in Cape Coral provide you a list of the long-term effects of roof leak damage to your home that you need to repair as soon as you notice them.

Water discoloration

Discoloration of the roof underlayment, rafters, beams, and ceiling are minimal effects of roof leak damage. As the water leak sweeps past the damaged roof, it carries chemical residues.  These residue deposits make a discoloration on the roof structural foundation, making rust stains on white drywall ceilings or walls. If the roof leak is still small, the discoloration might spread and grow larger over time.

Interior mold and mildew damage

When the water leak is trapped in a confined space in the ceiling, mold or mildew growth may occur because humidity won’t dissipate. It may cause respiratory and other health-related complications, which also weaken the roof structural framework.  The first signs of mold or mildew infestation are black or dark patches. When you locate the patches already, you can now determine the cause. Alconero and Associates Public Adjuster in Cape Coral suggest you mitigate mold and mildew as soon as you found them.

Health-related concerns caused by molds

Mold and mildews can pose serious health issues and complications, especially for those with high sensitivity. Some of these health complications include nasal congestion, inflammation, asthma, and rhinitis, to name some. Mold spores will continue to mitigate in your ceiling when not mitigated immediately. It can lead to allergic reactions, asthmatic symptoms, and other problems.

Drywall fatigue

Long-term roof leak damage affects the structural integrity of the drywall. Drywall is made from a substance, usually made from plastic, that can begin to lose cohesion when it gets wet. Drywall absorbs moisture, expand, and deteriorates once it will be saturated. It might crumble into pieces and dust if it is used for walls. If it is used for the ceiling, the entire section affected by the leak might collapse.

Weak structural integrity

The most noticeable long-term damage caused by roof leak damage is the rotting of wood structure in your home. The beams, joists, and other wooden frames begin to rot and deteriorate from water exposure. The woods where the water leak is directed need to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid possible collapse on the whole wood frame.

Short circuits and fire damage

Long-term roof leak damage may also cause electrical problems, both in the electrical wiring and the circuit breaker. The possibility of short circuit breakout depends upon the location of the water leak. Water leaks tarnish copper wires, and these wires may short out or break when they are bare to water leaks.  On the other hand, an electrical box that is left unprotected leaking water for a long time may also short out at either the room breaker or the main breaker. Leaking water on a breaker box is a dangerous problem and must be attended to as soon as possible to get rid of further damage or unsafe conditions.

If your electrical wiring is present in your ceiling, a roof leak could pose a fire threat from short wires and short circuits.  Alconero and Associates Public Adjuster in Cape Coral recommend you to switch off the power source to the area affected by roof leak damage. Seek help from a professional electrician to examine it.

Planning to file an insurance claim for roof leak damage in Cape Coral?

Having roof leak damage in your Cape Coral home is a huge problem; hence, it should not be neglected and taken lightly. Contact a reputable licensed roofing contractor as soon as possible if you suspect any water intrusion. If you plan to file a roof leak insurance claim, seek help from Alconero and Associates Public Adjuster in Cape Coral to maximize your insurance claims you deserve.

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