Water Leak Damage in Florida
03 Mar

Water leak damage in St Petersburg can happen anytime on your property. Many homeowners regard it as a petty problem and neglect it; however, they create serious problems that can affect your home and health. Even the smallest water leaks can lead to damage in your home, danger, and even health issues, especially when it is not repaired properly on time.

Water leak damage in St Petersburg is not something that should be left unattended but taken utmost priority when it comes to maintaining your home as they can significantly result in some huge problems that you may be unaware of. Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters in St Petersburg gives you a list of hidden dangers caused by water leak dangers, and consequently some ways on how to address them.

  1. Mold and mildew damage. The accumulation of mold and mildews in your St Petersburg home due to water leak damage is a huge problem that should not be left unattended. They appear, develop, and spread in wet and damp places and areas that build-up moisture easily. Molds and mildews will likely appear even in a few drops of water that accumulated over time. It can spread to various parts of your home like HVAC systems, floors, walls, wood framing, carpets, and even your clothing faster than you could ever imagine. They can be toxic and harmful to your health, notwithstanding that it is expensive to remove them.
  2. Fire damage. One of the most unexpected dangers of water leak damage is fire damage. Fire damage is likely to happen when the water leak damage is near or reaches the parts of electrical wiring. The water leaks can create short circuits and shorted wire, resulting in electrical fire damage and related damages. Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters in St Petersburg advise you to turn off the main fuse when the roof leak damage is near the electric wiring and seek help from a professional electrician to repair it as soon as possible.
  3. Potable water contamination. If your water leak is coming from a broken pipe that carries drinking water to your home, it is now at risk of contamination as different contaminants already entered. The broken pipes may suck in some external water and other particles that make the water unsafe to drink, which can be dangerous when consumed.
  4. Increase in water and utility bills. If you have water leak damage, it is not shocking that you will see your water bill rose significantly. Your energy bill will be a lot higher than usual due to the insulation damages caused by the water leak, as well. As the water leak makes its way through the roof, it will damage all the insulation it comes across. Hence, there will be warmer or colder air loss and higher energy consumption.
  5. Ceiling damage. Apart from the ceiling, the roof and plumbing leak can cause significant structural damage to your wall framing, ceiling joists, especially near the broken pipes. The ceiling may sag over time due to accumulated water. All of this can lead to expensive and extensive repairs. Hence, Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters in St Petersburg advise you to detect water leak damage and repair them when they are still small to get rid of health and safety issues afterward.
  6. Financial damage. Water leak damage can lead to a significant blow to your budget. The potential dangers brought by water leak damage are issues that are both complex to repair and also expensive to resolve. Hence, it is essential to mitigate water leak damage as soon as you detect them. Do not disregard small leaks solely because they can lead to some huge problems as time goes by.

Especially if the damage happened in a small area in your home, water leak damage in St Petersburg might not seem like a big problem. However, do not neglect the potential costs at present and in the future. Water leak damage could lead to much larger issues down the line if not repaired as soon as possible. A worse case if these damages will not be eligible for water leak insurance claims.

Public adjusters in St Petersburg say that it is best to mitigate and address the problem immediately and inform your insurance company as soon as you detect them. Not doing so could complicate your insurance claim process, or worse, could lead to a delayed claim if succeeding issues occur in the future.

Planning to file an insurance claim for water leak damage in St Petersburg?

If you file for a water leak insurance claim and it gets denied, contact Alconero and Associates Public Adjusters in St Petersburg to know why. Seek maintenance and proper servicing for water leak damage to avoid getting health and safety risks.

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