what is a public adjuster
14 Jul

All of us, when we take out insurance, have certain doubts about the reliability of the company. Will everything the policy says really cover me or will there be fine print? Unfortunately, sometimes we discover that the intentions of the insurer were not so clear and we fear that we will not be compensated. If this story sounds familiar to you, you need to know what a public adjuster is and how they can help you.

The figure of the public adjuster is little known, and yet its existence can make our lives easier on more than one occasion and, above all, give us a feeling of security and protection, which not even companies can achieve.

If you want to know what a public adjuster is, read on.

What is a public adjuster?

The best way to explain what a public adjuster is is to define it as a defender of the insured against the insurance company.

And, although at first it may seem that an insurance company is a company in charge of protecting us, we must not forget that it is a company that < b>has his own interests. We have a transaction with her: we make a monthly payment in exchange for her helping us in the event of a catastrophe.

But of course, when the figure goes up, the company will try to find all the loopholes to not pay. And it is that, an insurance company turns out to be a very profitable business until the help that it must provide to the insured is truly substantial. That is when as consumers we are interested in knowing what a public adjuster is.

Of course, this does not mean that all insurance companies look for ways to avoid liability and much less completely. But it is very common to find that the policies are not clear or that at the moment of truth, they cover less than we imagined. In this sense, the figure of the public adjuster is essential.

This professional works on behalf of the policy holder and if we have him from the beginning he will evaluate the policy before we need his help. Of course, he will also do it when our interests are opposed to those of the insurance company and will claim what corresponds to us.

Besides the registrar and attorneys, the public adjuster is the only one who can help us and legally represent our rights in an insurance claim process.

What is a public adjuster and how does he work?

Public adjusters can be hired a priori, in which case they will evaluate the policy and give you more exact information about what the policy does and does not cover so that if a accident there are no unpleasant surprises.

Later, at the time you have to claim compensation from the insurance company, the public adjuster will assess the damage, prepare an estimate, all the claim documentation and also, they will make sure of everything covered by the policy to proceed with the claim in a more definitive way than we could do without all that information.

Thus, a public adjuster is the representative of the policyholder and advises, manages and defends the interests of the client against the company.

Well, now you know what a public adjuster is and how he works. But how much does he charge? In general, if you hire a public adjuster once the problem with the company appears, which is the most normal thing, the public adjuster will receive a percentage of the money that you obtain from the insurer thanks to its mediation.

That is, you will not have to pay him, but offer part of the percentage that he or she helps you obtain. This percentage, of course, must be previously agreed to avoid any problem or disagreement.

When to hire a public adjuster?

It’s easy to define what a public adjuster is, but not so easy to define what time is right to start counting on their services. If you are a cautious person, it is best to go to an insurance adjuster when you take out your home or car insurance. But if you are a somewhat more trusting person and also , you think it is unlikely that you will need the help of this professional, it is better to go to him or her when the disaster occurs, he or she may be useful to you and will advise you and take care of your policy as well as if you had hired him or her from the beginning.

Advantages of having a public adjuster

As you can imagine, there are all advantages thanks to the figure of the public adjuster, since it is the only way to feel protected and less vulnerable before a large company such as insurance companies.

These are the main advantages of hiring a public adjuster:

  • You will feel truly protected before and after the disagreement with the insurance.
  • You will truly know your policy.
  • You will receive fair compensation.
  • You will pay the insurance company more easily.
  • You will receive information and advice at all times.
  • You will not have to take care of anything other than providing all the data and documents to the public adjuster.
  • You will not regret any of the losses you suffer and that the company covers because you will have them back immediately.
  • You won’t feel cheated or cheated.

For all these reasons and more, knowing what a public adjuster is and how they can help you is crucial before speaking with an insurance company.

Public adjuster vs. Company Insurance Adjuster

If the public adjuster looks out for your interests, rest assured that the company will also find someone to look out for theirs. This professional is called the company’s insurance adjuster and will be the main opponent of your public adjuster.

The company’s adjusters are responsible for making sure the company pays as little as possible. for example, to prevent a claim from being overpaid, or from paying something that didn’t even deserve to be claimed.

In this sense, if you know what a public adjuster is you will understand that he is an insurance adjuster for the company, since his role is the same but in reverse. He will inform the company, analyze the policy and act on his behalf and on behalf of his rights.

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