Alconero and Associates - Holiday Decorating Tips to Prevent Fire Damage
04 Dec

The holidays are adorned from the inside to the outside with tall Christmas trees, simple table lamps, children excited to open their gifts, and sparkling Christmas lights. There is really something in the holiday spirit for all to look forward to. But being preoccupied during this festive season often leads to disasters. According to a study from 2014–2018, there were 160 fire damage cases that were caused by a Christmas tree. There were two deaths and 14 injuries on average as a result of these fires. And these beautiful Christmas lights, which catch our attention with their sparkling brightness, cause 770 house fires every year. These statistics beg the question, “Are we ready for this kind of disaster?” or “What are the things we can do or consider to prevent or prepare for when these things happen?”

Don’t leave Christmas lights and candles when no one’s around. Most of the fire hazards are caused by Christmas lights or candles left turned on, so when leaving the house to do your Christmas chores in the mall or visit the neighbors, always remember to turn things off. Another usual cause of fire damage is fires left unattended when the house owners sleep at night. Remember, an unattended fire is an uncontrolled fire.

Always read the labels and manuals. Labels were developed to assist us in understanding how to use an object. When purchasing items to decorate your home this holiday season, remember to read the labels. Here are a few pointers to help you decide: Are the Christmas lights intended for indoor or outdoor use? The fact is that indoor Christmas lights are just for indoors and outdoor Christmas lights are only for outdoors. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to Christmas lights. Another thing to think about is whether a fresh Christmas tree or a synthetic one would work well in my home. If you choose to set up a synthetic one, check if it has a fire-resistant label. The labels will tell you which one is ideal for you and will help you make the safest decision. 

Preparation is key. If you’re planning to throw a party, planning will save you a lot of time. Driveways and pathways are ideally de-iced or shoved. By this, you make sure that these places are slip-free and hazard-free for your visitors and their children. Another thing to prepare for is a fireplace. Take away anything that could cause fire damage. Flammable things like hanging tinsel, stockings, wires, or carpets are the things that are usually found near the fireplace that should not be found there or at least positioned far away from that place once the fire is lit.


As Murphy’s Law suggests, “Everything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong.” When all the preparation is done and things still go out of hand. Having professional assistance will be of great help. In the aftermath of a fire consuming your property, there are a lot of things to handle. Dealing with the loss, taking care of your family, and making sure everything is checked and complied with, might be a lot for you to carry all at once. Having a public adjuster will help you handle this concern. In particular, handling the paperwork during this period of your life might be very emotionally taxing for you. Your public adjuster can help you make sure that your property is cleaned, inspected, and, if there are minor damages, repaired, and, if there are major damages, rebuilt, while assuring you that you make the most of your insurance.