Alconero and Associates - What is a public adjuster, and how can they help you?
15 Nov

As you make a homeowners’ insurance claim, your insurance carrier assigns you an adjuster. Such specialists seek to appropriately compensate you for your claims, while also ensuring that the insurance company does not lose too much money. These independent adjusters, unlike public adjusters, have a financial stake in the insurance business that employs them. In the end, they are not working for you. As a result, you may receive a smaller compensation from an insurance adjuster with whom your insurance company has contracted. With that, some to most homeowners prefer to engage with an experienced public adjuster as an alternative.

What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is an impartial professional who works on the policyholder’s behalf. When the claim is settled, the public adjuster gets paid a share of the settlement. Public adjusters are qualified insurance specialists that work on your side, not for the insurance company, to handle the whole insurance claim process from beginning to end, ensuring you receive the maximum amount of money that you are entitled to.

A public insurance adjuster, unlike a typical adjuster, conducts a more thorough depth evaluation of your claim. They personally evaluate the damage, and calculate their own reimbursement based on the data that they have collected. Additionally, a  public adjuster often conducts a far more thorough review than a standard insurance adjuster.

When should you hire a public adjuster?

Working with a public adjuster takes care of everything for you, making it a wonderful option for individuals who do not have time to cope with a difficult claim procedure. Individuals and corporations use public insurance adjusters when they require help filing a claim or believe an insurance company’s claim amount is inaccurate. 

Public adjusters can submit and settle claims for flood, fire, smoke, wind, and hurricane damage, as well as damage from other risks. Property damages can result in other sorts of losses, such as lost company income, which public adjusters can assess.

If you have a substantial claim, a public adjuster can also help. The public adjuster will thoroughly examine your claim to ensure that no damage is ignored or neglected. Depending on what they discover, you may be entitled to a bigger reimbursement to fix the detected damage.

What should you expect from hiring a public adjuster?

A public adjuster will handle the whole claim procedure on your behalf if you engage one. They will come to your house to assess the damage, conduct a thorough assessment of your claim, calculate their suggested settlement, and work with your insurance provider to expedite your reimbursement.

Generally, a public adjuster will review your claim first. The public adjuster will thoroughly evaluate your insurance policy, looking for any faults and loopholes. We urge that your public adjuster comprehend every aspect of your claim in order to optimize your compensation. 

Working with a public adjuster, as previously stated, may result in a better and proper compensation. According to one study, homeowners who employed their own insurance claims adjuster obtained a better settlement from their insurance companies. Hiring a public insurance adjuster, on the other hand, does not ensure that you will receive more money. The conclusions of the public adjuster will be considered by your insurance carrier, although they may not agree with the suggested amount. 

Prior to actually settling the claim, you have the option of negotiating a greater compensation with the insurance carrier. If you pick this option, your public adjuster will function as a liaison for you, so you will never have to talk with a representative or negotiate on your own.