Alconero and Associates - Reasons why a public adjuster can negotiate better than you
24 Dec

At the moment of an incident, there is a lot of discomfort and loss a person experiences. From damaged property due to floods, leaks from excessive rain, and fire damage, expenses will inevitably go up. Adding another expense to your long list of expenses might be something you are thinking twice about. Acquiring the service of an expert public adjuster might seem like another expense, but in reality, public adjusters will not only assist you in preventing delays from your insurance provider but also help you make the most of your claims.

Acting as your advocate

Public adjusters are available at every point of your insurance claim process. As long as the statute of limitations has not yet passed, public adjuster services are applicable during the aftermath of the incident, while you are in the process of claiming and experiencing difficulty, or you realize this is too much for you to handle, and astonishingly, even until your claim has been denied or you feel like you have not maximized your claim yet. 

Process and Details Oriented

An expert public adjuster is well acquainted with the processes involved in the claim process. Notification to the insurance agency about the said incident is the first thing your public adjuster will do. After that, their main affair starts. Their main task is to carefully observe each part of the incident and compile each claim you will be entitled to on your property. Building quality, condition, inflation building estimations, loss-of-use receipts, and content spreadsheets are things that are usually overlooked by the person compiling the claim but not by your public adjuster, enabling you to focus on restoring your house. 

Expertise through experience

Their expertise in this matter will be of great help to you to prevent you from lowballing your insurance claim and let’s face it, there are a lot of things we might not realize are covered by your policy. Admittedly, there is a lot of insurance jargon in our insurance policy contract that we might not fully understand. 

Incentivize for you

This is where your public adjuster will be of thorough help to you. They have the expertise to comprehend and carefully scrutinize your insurance policy, keeping your best interest in mind. This is because public adjusters’ fees are tied to every dollar the policyholder claims. The public adjuster is paid a portion of the settlement amount, usually between 5 and 10%. This means they are incentivized more when you make the most of your policy claim. Insurance is a gamble between the supplier and the policyholder. The insurance company bets that no accident will happen, while you gamble that something will. When you are filling out your claim, the insurance company will try to hold on to every dollar they can, and they have their team of experts to handle that. Through their day-to-day handling of claims, public adjusters become well versed in this area, which will be of great assistance to you and your claim. They will act as your advocates in this claim, actively representing you every step of the way. 


Truly, no one wants to experience any catastrophe in their lives. But as we all know, this is something that we can not fully control or escape from. Acquiring insurance is your first step to making sure you alleviate the effects of any catastrophe. But simply limiting the damage cost by having someone cover it for you is not the end of the line. Making sure you maximize the coverage and find an expert that will help you in this trying and confusing time in your life is truly something we all must consider. An expert public adjuster’s service will be something one must consider and take advantage of.