Alconero and Associates - What happens if water damage goes untreated
25 Aug

In recent years, water damage has become one of the leading causes of property insurance claims. When water damage goes unnoticed, it can easily cause extensive damage to your property. If you do not treat water damage quickly, your home or business may suffer long-term damage. A small stain on your ceiling or a drop under your sink could lead to an expensive problem at home that could cost you thousands in repairs and place you and your family at risk of illness. So it is best if you seek help from a public adjuster to be able to get the maximum insurance claim you deserve that will help you with the cleanup process.

Pipes can corrode when exposed to water. Since pipes work with water, this may seem absurd. Household plumbing can, however, only be applied to clean water from the tap. Water from a flood contains minerals and chemicals that can lead to corrosion in a pipe. As your pipes corrode, they will develop leaks, which can lead to more significant water damage. This leads to a vicious cycle of damage to your property. Pipe damage will cause more water damage, leading to all sorts of damages. As well as being inconvenient, this cycle is also quite expensive.

Putting the electrical system at risk. Water and electricity do not mix, as you have probably heard countless times. You and your family are at serious risk when your electrical system, wiring, fuses, and other components are exposed to water. Water damage can cause more damage to your home’s electrical system, appliances, and devices if left unattended. 

Weakened structural integrity of your home. Because wood is porous, it can soak up water. As a result, they are absorbent in nature. Water will seep up and reach your entire wall or flooring if you do not treat it immediately. Your home’s wood materials that act as a support will be significantly weakened and softened by this process.

Home values are lowered by water damage. There is nothing more unsightly than water damage. Paint cannot be removed from it easily. If not properly addressed, an inspector will identify water damage and document it. You will receive less money from potential buyers, or worse, they will not consider buying your home.

Water damage is a health hazard. There is a risk of bacteria and microbes lingering in flood waters that can make you and your family members sick. In spite of drying, contaminants, toxins, and chemicals remain in water damaged furniture. A home with standing water will develop mold, bugs, and fungi if you leave it too long, resulting in mold damage to your property. As well as making allergies worse, they can cause respiratory infections and cause a host of other health issues.

Unpleasant smell. Moisture trapped by undetected water can produce an unpleasant odor. Odors associated with water damage can emerge immediately or may take a while to develop after the original cause has been resolved and the water removed. In some cases, odors are due to the source of water, while at other times, they are caused by bacteria and fungi that grow following water damage.

Water damage can cause mold damage. We are surrounded by mold spores everywhere. However, they will only grow where water and organic matter abound. Our homes contain large amounts of organic material, which can be found in flooring, furniture, walls, rugs, and carpets. Mold grows on all of these materials when they become wet, and spreads throughout your home when they get damp. Mold damage will form as a result of water damage.

What to do if you spotted water damage in your property

Water damage is certainly the worst nightmare for every homeowner. It takes time, money, effort, and a lot of patience. If water damage is covered by your homeowner’s insurance, make sure to get in touch with a public adjuster as they can be very helpful in determining whether the water damage is covered and will help you in obtaining the maximum insurance claim. Your public adjuster may recommend you to document the water damage as much as possible before undergoing the cleanup process.

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