Alconero and Associates - How Long After a Hurricane Can I Make a Claim in Florida
27 Jul

When a hurricane strikes your property and destroys everything you have worked hard to achieve, an insurance claim settlement can mean the difference between finding and rebuilding a new home. However, you can maximize your insurance claim on hurricane damage with the guidance of a public adjuster to obtain the insurance claim that you rightfully deserve.

You have three years following the date a hurricane damaged your property to file an insurance claim in Florida. You may miss out on the opportunity if you wait too long to file a hurricane damage insurance claim. Be sure to file an insurance claim as soon as possible on the given time allotment.

What are the damages caused by hurricanes?

Hurricane damage is caused primarily by wind, wind-driven rains, and floodwaters that enter your property through either your windows, roof, cracks in your walls or foundation, doors, or a sewer backup. Hurricane damage may also yield to other damages including water damage, flood damage, roof damage, roof leak damage, and mold damage, to name a few.

Many insurance companies treat hurricane damage in Florida differently from other damage. A higher deductible may be applied to hurricane damage for some insurance policies. You may opt to purchase separate windstorm coverage or flood damage insurance claims to ensure adequate, and full coverage in case hurricane damage in Florida strikes your property.

What are the tips to prepare for a hurricane damage claim

Several tips are recommended to make your hurricane damage insurance claim efficient and smooth sailing. They are as follows:

  1. Keep an accurate record of your expenses: If your property faced significant hurricane damage in Florida and submitted an insurance claim to your insurance company, it is essential to keep an accurate record of all your expenses by saving bills and receipts from repairs you make in the event of a hurricane damage.
  2. Take photo documentation: You should also take before-and-after photo documentation as evidence of the hurricane damage. This will serve as your evidence for your insurance claim to be shown to your insurance carrier.
  3. Make temporary repairs: Taking temporary repairs can protect your property from further damage. If your property suffered from large and had permanent repairs, you may want to wait until your insurance company adjuster has seen your property.
  4. Keep a list of inventory of your property: You should also keep a separate inventory of the items that were ravaged, including their description, the date it was purchased, serial number, the manufacturer, and where you bought the item, if available.

If your property is not yet safe due to the extent of the hurricane damage, you should notify your insurance company as soon as you can about finding another place to live while repairs are being made. Bear in mind that some policies are equipped with additional coverage for living expenses during this time.

How long do I have to file a claim after a hurricane?

As soon as you see some damages following a hurricane, inform your insurance agent and your attorney right away to maximize your chances of receiving a fair insurance settlement over hurricane damage. Your insurance carrier will document and record the hurricane damage and reimburse you accordingly. On the other hand, your lawyer will protect your rights and fight for you if necessary to help you recover the hurricane damage you need to make rebuild or repairs.

When you opt to file an insurance claim for hurricane damage to receive coverage following the devastating storm, it is imperative to do so immediately within the given time frame allotted. The statute of limitations to file a hurricane damage insurance claim is three years from the day the storm hit your property. If you wait too long to file an insurance claim to your insurance company, you may surely miss out on the chance to do so. Hence, hurry up filing a hurricane damage insurance claim on the given time frame allotment.

What happens if you don’t file your hurricane claims the soonest?

If you wait until after three years following the hurricane, you will be barred from filing a hurricane damage insurance claim, which means that any damage done to your property caused by the hurricane will not be covered, and you will have to pay out for the repairs.  So It’s very important to document and report the damages as soon as you can.


Hurricane damage in Florida is devastating in its dimension. However, there are ways to protect yourself and your loved ones if your property is damaged by a hurricane. They can be done with homeowners insurance. After hurricane damage takes place and your property is damaged, you can claim with your insurance company to receive the maximum insurance coverage you deserve.

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