Alconero and Associates - When to use a public adjuster for hurricane insurance claims
20 Jul

Public Adjuster in FloridaHurricanes have wreaked havoc on the east coast and southern United States over the last several years. As a result of those storms injuries and unfortunately loss of lives can happen, also there are other damages to your home caused by hurricanes such water damage, flooding damage and water leak damage. A considerable amount of work needs to be undertaken to account for those. As part of that process, you will need to calculate the cost of repairing the damages and verify that your hurricane insurance will provide the coverage.

A claim for insurance is filed in this situation. It can be challenging and confusing to file a claim for your damaged property. With weather-related disaster insurance laws and regulations, as well as the policies that provide this kind of coverage often requires you to have the equivalent of a law degree in order to understand them properly.

You need to contact your insurance provider right away if your property is damaged in a hurricane. Upon filing a claim, you will receive a claim adjuster from your insurance provider to assist you. Unfortunately, property owners fail to grasp the fact that the job of the insurance company’s adjuster is to minimize the amount of coverage you will receive for the damage you have sustained. That is why you should hire an experienced private adjuster to handle the same work on your behalf to help you get the most out of your insurance claim.

When should you use a public adjuster for your hurricane damage claims?

These professionals are hired to handle large and complex claims that are beyond the knowledge of most people. There are a few unique challenges involved in claiming hurricane damage. Due to the fact that several kinds of claims need to be filed, this presents a number of challenges. Typically, a hurricane damage will have both water damage and flood damage associated with it, which means homeowners will need to file both water and flood damage or even water leak damage claims simultaneously.

When multiple insurance policies are in play, imagine how hard it would be to compete with the insurance claim adjuster’s work. It is typical in hurricane-related claims for people to file claims under more than one insurance policy, and the public adjuster will work on your behalf to maximize each policy’s benefits.

Maximize your insurance claim for hurricane damage

Public adjusters are useful in handling many types of claims, but some are too small to benefit from their services. There isn’t much point in hiring a public adjuster if, for instance, your policy doesn’t cover all the damages. If you have multiple claims that need to be handled, and your property is sufficiently covered by your policy, you should hire an adjuster.

A large hurricane damage claim is complex and difficult to file, which is often underestimated. Public adjusters are not widely known by most people. The adversarial nature of insurance companies becomes startlingly apparent when people learn about the service and realize how important it is to have an advocate to check the work of the adjuster.

Why work with Alconero and Associates for your hurricane damage claims

When your property suffered hurricane damage and you have insurance coverage for it, don’t let your insurance provider minimize the amount of compensation you deserve. Eliminate the insurance industry’s advantage of holding all the cards. Your home, properties and family always deserve more than what you or your insurance claim provider thought. So work with Alconero and Associates today to get the most and maximize your insurance claims. 

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