Alconero and Associates - When to make a water damage insurance claim
07 Oct

After wind and hail damage, water damage is the next most common insurance claim for homeowners. About one out of fifty homeowners each year suffers the devastating effects of water damage. From frozen pipe damage, storm damage, faulty plumbing systems to even damaged home appliances, these factors can result in an unfortunate water damage in your home.

Thankfully the terrible event of water damage is typically covered by most home insurance policies, but there are many exceptions which can confuse most homeowners who are not familiar with insurance claim policies. Discussing your water damage insurance claims with an experienced public adjuster can be of great help and removes all the worries associated with it, and more importantly an experienced public adjuster will help you maximize your water damage insurance claims. But there are some exceptions to keep in mind. So let us review some typical water damage scenarios and see if you are covered. Knowing what a standard insurance policy covers and does not cover is essential.

In what circumstances water damage is covered by your insurance policy? 

A variety of problems can result in water damage in homes. Your homeowners insurance will, however, cover very few types of water damage. Among these are:

A homeowner’s insurance policy will only cover water leaks and water damage caused by sudden or accidental events. The damage caused by a burst pipe, for example, will likely be covered by your insurance. Please keep in mind that homeowners insurance does not cover water damage that occurs gradually over time.

Water leaks may also be covered by homeowner’s insurance policies. Damage caused by water leaks leads to subsequent damage. You might be able to get reimbursed for wall repair costs if, for instance, a pipe bursts and the water damage destroys a nearby wall. It is important to check your insurance policy with an experienced public adjuster to see exactly what is covered in the event of damage, as not all homeowners insurance policies do. Keep in mind that the resulting damage will not extend to the sources of the water leak. Therefore, if a pipe burst and caused damage, the cost of a replacement pipe may not be covered.

Which water damage claims are not covered by insurance

Gradual water damage is the main type of water damage that isn’t covered by insurance. Normal wear and tear is not covered by insurance, unlike accidental or sudden damage. Plumbing systems and pipes in your home deteriorate over time, which makes them more prone to water leaks. Some scenarios of gradual damage are common, but they are not covered by insurance. Here are some examples:

Damaged pipes. Insurance won’t pay for water damage caused by a pipe breaking gradually. 

Rotting and mold: Water damage claims do not cover mold, rotting, or corrosion in your home.

Roof damage. You will be covered for roof repairs and water damage if a tree fell on your roof and allowed water in. Damages caused by mold, on the other hand, are unlikely to be covered by insurance.

Water seeping from your home’s foundation. If a crack in the foundation allows water to enter, a standard water damage insurance policy does not cover it.

Insufficient maintenance. If you failed to fix a leaking faucet and it caused extensive water damage in the future, your insurance wouldn’t cover it.

Wear and tear as well as gradual damage are not covered by most homeowners’ insurance policies regardless of coverage limits or policy type. In some cases, however, gradual damage can be covered by certain policies. The specific wording in your policy statement will tell you whether your insurance covers gradual damage. So it is best to get in touch with an experienced public adjuster to help you with interpreting the insurance policy or if you have experienced unfortunate water damage in your home. An experienced public adjuster will greatly decrease the chances your claim will get denied.

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